Foreign students are offered a large selection of courses. You may choose amongst the courses offered to second- and fourth-year students (general courses, specialized courses and exploration seminars) and of course, those reserved for international students.

Students at Sciences Po Lille can also obtain the university’s Diplôme Universitaire (DU), the Certificate of Political Studies (CEP). It is granted to students who have a good command of written and spoken French and who spend a full academic year (two semesters) at Sciences Po.

Students must take the following classes to earn this certificate:

1. General courses (with a minimum grade of 10/20)

  • Institutions politiques comparées (20 hours): 6 ECTS (1st semester)
  • Vie politique française (20 hours): 6 ECTS (2nd semester)

2. Lecture courses (year-long courses, with a minimum grade of 10/20) to be chosen among:

  • Sociologie Politique (36 hours): 10 ECTS,
  • Problèmes Internationaux Contemporains (36 hours): 10 ECTS,
  • L’Europe en tendance (36 hours) : 10 ECTS.
  • Les défis de l'Action Publique: approches comparées (36 hours) : 10 ECTS

3. A minimum of 5 courses from the list of open to international exchange students courses
(minimum grade of 10/20).

4. A “Grand Oral” (for international/CEP students): 5 ECTS. 

The “Grand Oral” is an oral exam given to evaluate a student’s general knowledge and ability to synthesize what they have learned.

Please find here some 'Grand Oral Questions' from the past.

Students must earn a minimum grade of 10/20 to obtain the CEP.

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