Postgraduate programs

Postgraduate programs

The Sciences Po Lille curriculum lasts 5 years and it is possible for international students to enter our Institute for the Master’s degree (4th and 5th years). The opportunity offered to international students to join Sciences Po Lille Masters’ program is available for all the Specializations and Majors.

International students aiming to join Sciences Po Lille Masters’ program will be selected by a “Commission de spécialistes”. This Commission will evaluate the candidates’ profiles, academic backgrounds and naturally their respective Interest of Commitment.

A Masters degree at Sciences Po Lille lasts 4 semesters (see the Program Outline):

The first semester is considered as the Specialization (International and European Careers, Strategy and communication of organizations or Public Affairs and management of commons or Philosophy, Politics and Economics).

Students are then divided into smaller groups focusing on their respective Majors.
Semestre 1 Specializations Semestre 2, 3 & 4 Majors
International and European Careers
  • Conflicts and development
  • European Affairs
  • Strategy, intelligence and risk management
Public Affairs and management of commons
  • Public action careers
  • Careers in the relationships between the public and private sectors
  • Sustainable Development
Strategy and communication of organizations
  • Public and corporate communication
  • Trade and international finance
  • Management of cultural institutions
Philosophy, Politics and Economics  

Double Master

Sciences Po Lille is happy to propose Double Masters’ programs.
These innovative, 2-year Masters program taught in Lille and in one partner University (Aston University UK- Szeged University Hungary), which offers students an internationally-oriented understanding of European and international affairs.
Students spend the second semester of Year 2 of this program undertaking an EU-focused internship.

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