A Summer School in Sciences Po Lille

A Summer School in Sciences Po Lille

If you wish to understand Europe and Europeans, and would like to live it and prepare for a career transcending the national border, then Sciences Po Lille summer school should be your choice!


Sciences Po Lille is committed to offering high quality, innovative academic courses dealing with institutional, economical as well as diplomatic issues/questions through the experiential education opportunities during the summer. International academics will propose modules (taught in English) covering a large range of current EU challenges. 
The courses in French language aims to enhance and perfect their language skills as well provide some understanding of the contemporary aspects of French society. 


Students’ experiences are further enhanced by the cultural and linguistic immersion in Lille, one of the major cities of European culture and knowledge.


This will give students an experience of living and studying in Europe and provide an insight into a wide variety of subject areas.

Students will gain expertise, skills and intercultural awareness which will be desirable to potential employers or to develop more subject expertise.


Lille’s location (northern France on the Belgium boarder) is perfect to welcome European officials for late afternoon conferences, which are great networking opportunities for students, and to organize a field trip to Brussels, the European capital, to visit the EU institutions.