Courses offered

International students have access to a huge variety of courses during their stay at Sciences Po Lille. Although most of them are taught in French, Sciences Po Lille offers a wide range of courses taught in English. Other courses are also taught in Spanish and German.

These courses are opened to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and cover several fields of specialization at Sciences Po Lille.

We hope that, by respecting your home university’s requirement and enjoying our flexibility, you will be able to “construct your own schedule” with exciting and interesting courses.

The category “courses reserved to international students” allows students with “some French” to attend French taught modules in an international environment (in this case professors will understand the need to rephrase and adapt themselves to a non-native French speaking audience), and will also be an opportunity for students with no French to attend courses like French Politics and Institutions, EU Politics and Institutions (taught in English)

Please find here the list of courses open to international exchange students in 2020/2021.

Course descriptions and syllabuses

In order to find course descriptions and syllabuses for classes belonging to the following categories:

Course registration (for exchange students and free movers)

Please find below the link you must use to register to the courses:


International exchange students will be evaluated through written exams, oral presentation or papers/dissertations. Each professor is free to organize the type of evaluations he/she believes fits the best with his/her expectations.

Information about exams will be available at the International Programs and Services before each exam sessions.

For more information on exams, please contact:

Grading system

Sciences Po Lille recognizes and applies the credit transfer system ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The terms of validating the year of mobility are provided by the study regulations.

A contract for research or "Learning agreement" established in advance, guarantees the recognition of mobility in the student's curriculum, subject to their success in examinations.

The examination session is held at the end of semester and last for two weeks.

The terms of examinations vary from course to course. The pedagogical freedom of teachers assesses students in the most appropriate way for each instruction: oral exams, written, "research paper" or continuous assessment.
Tutorials are examined by continuous assessment, with no final examination.
At the end of each study period, an official transcript with the materials and validated credits is addressed directly to the partner universities.

ECTS Grade
A : the highest 10% of a class = EXCELLENT -outstanding performance
B : the following 25 % = VERY GOOD - above the average standard
C : the following 30 % = GOOD - generally sound work
D : the following 25 % = SATISFACTORY - fair
E : the last 10% of a class = SUFFICIENT Performance meets minimum criteria
FX : FAIL - passing level not obtained
F : FAIL - level considerably below passing

Grading at Sciences Po Lille is on a scale of 0 to 20.
Each class is graded separately, and a minimum grade of 10 is required to pass a course.
Only grades ranging from 10 to 20 are ranked

More about the grading scale: