General Information

General Information

Sciences Po Lille has signed numerous agreements with universities from all around the world. Within this framework, we welcome students in our school every year - for a semester or a full academic year, from one of our 230 agreements.

Origin of our exchange students

Most part of our exchange students are coming within the framework of our agreements with partner universities, which are located over the 5 continents. These partnerships allow us to welcome students from a huge variety of backgrounds, and thus to strengthen multiculturalism and diversity at Sciences Po Lille.

Erasmus + agreements

Sciences Po Lille has signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. As an active part of the Erasmus + program, Sciences Po Lille is happy to count a large number of Erasmus + partners.

Bilateral agreements

Our school has also reached numerous agreements with universities outside the Erasmus + program. This way we can count with our strong and fruitful cooperations in the United States, Canada, China, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, and many other countries.

Free Movers

International students can also apply outside of our cooperation agreements. These free movers will have access to the same courses as our students coming within the framework of our partnerships. They can study at Sciences Po Lille during one semester or the full academic year. Free movers will have to pay tuition fees:

- for 1 semester: between 300€ and 1300€
- for the full academic year: between 300€ and 3200€

Please note that accepted free movers students will be asked to send financial documents to the Sciences Po Lille international office in order to calculate their future tuition fees.

Academic calendar

All our international exchange students can choose to study at Sciences Po Lille during one semester (Fall or Spring semester) or a full academic year.

1st Semester (2019 Fall)


Welcome meeting (students “1st

semester”, “academic year”)


September 05th 2019


Introductive seminar (students «

1st semester », “academic

year”), methodology and French

Language courses

from September 6th until September 13th 2019


Sciences Po Lille global welcome

meeting- Welcome Conference


September 13th 2019


Start of 1st semester courses

September 16th 2019


Autumn Break

from October 26th until November 3rd 2019


International Students’ exams

(1st semester)

mid-December 2019


Christmas Break

from December 21st 2019


2nd semester (2020 Spring)

Welcome meeting (students “2nd


January 6th 2020

Introductive seminar (students

“2nd semester”), methodology and

French language courses

from January 7th until January 11th 2020

Start of 2nd semester courses

January 13th 2020

Winter break

from February 15th until February 23rd 2020

Spring Break

from April 18th until April 26th 2020

Exams’ session 2nd semester

beginning of May 2020

Grand Oral exam for CEP

late May 2020

End of the academic year

May 31st 2020