Student services

Student services

International Programs and Services

Our International Team will be happy to help and support you before, during and after your experience at Sciences Po Lille.
Our Admissions team will be happy to help you with any questions, arrange a tour of our campus or to provide information and advice on our programmes based on your situation.


Sciences Po Lille’s Library was named after François Goguel in tribute of being prominent jurist and politician. François Goguel who was President of the Conseil Constitutionnel (French Supreme Court) and President of the FNSP (Political Sciences National Federation) donated a large part of his personal documentary resources to Sciences Po Lille in 1991 when it was created.


The Library is closed during the Christmas break and during the second week of the Spring break and is also closed for the entire month of August


Have a question or a suggestion?

Link : the reader’s guide (in French)

Library’s webpage (in French)



International exchange students have access to all the Lille 2 sports’ facilities and courses.

As an exchange student, you will not be able to get ECTS (credits) for sports. However, you can enjoy the wide range of sports offered and opportunities which can be found on the SCAPS (Service Commun des activités Physiques et Sportives de Lille 2, the Sports’ department) website.

To know the time (have a look at the Jour and Horaires columns) and location (have a look at the Lieu column) of the sport activity you are looking for, please click on that link:

When going to the first session of your favorite sport, you will need to let your professor know your status (International exchange student at Sciences Po Lille) and you must bring your student ID with you.

Before going, please check on the website (last column of the page where all the courses are described) if there are still spots available.

 IT Services


Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am- 8.00 pm.

Students can have access to computers in room 0.15. (ground floor)


Commission for the Students’ Associations 

The commission is composed of 10 members, nine of these students are elected board and the last is the Director or their representative.

It formulates an opinion on the associations’ grant applications.

You will find below the contact details of people who are here to listen to you and can give you answers. Please contact them by email if you have a question or wish to request a meeting.


International Mobility Commission

This consists of elected students and teachers of the Administration Board and its officials. The International Mobility Commission works under the authority of the director and deputy director who are in charge of international relations.

Every year, It offers its own budget from that of Sciences Po Lille’s, in order to fund the year of international mobility or for the semester of a compulsory internship abroad, which can be added to aid and grants from elsewhere (using mobility, regional exchanges, Erasmus scholarships).

Board of directors

The board is consisted of 30 members who are distributed as follows: 4 members of law (FNSP, Lille 2, ENA DGAFP), 6 external members (Patrick Kanner, Louis Dreyfus, Jacques Hardoin, Sandrine Rousseau, Agathe Doublet, Alexander Lallet), 5 university professors or similar, 5 representatives of other personal teaching and research, 9 student representatives, one representative of the staff engineers, administrators, technicians, workers and service.

The board is responsible for the election of the chairman.

Decree No. 89-902 of 18 December 1989 is relative to concerning the Institutes of Political Studies and concerns the status of a public administrative body attached to a university.

Chairman: Louis Dreyfus, CEO of the Group “le Monde”.

International students have one representative with a consultative voice. This international representative enables exchange students to know about life and debates at Sciences Po Lille's.