Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Stephanie Anderson from the University of Wyoming/Free University of Berlin for a conference entitled "Does the USA still want to lead the world?"

On October 19th, we had the first Just Listen session for the Fall Semester. Thanks to all students who participated and see you on Thursdays every two weeks!

Starting October 12th, Just Chat sessions have been taking place at Sciences Po Lille on Thursdays every two weeks! During this time, students can have casual conversations in different languages in order to improve their skills.

See you there!

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome Crawford Gribben for a class on “Apocalypse - the history and anthropology of the end of the world”.

Crawford Gribben is professor of history at Queen’s University Belfast, and is the author of several books that investigate apocalyptic cultures, including most recently Survival and resistance in evangelical America (Oxford University Press, 2021).

Sciences Po Lille is happy to welcome two new visiting professors:

Pr. MARIANA COLOTTA for her class "Política de Género y gestión pública en América Latina" from the 03/10/2023 to the 10/10/2023 

Pr Colotta has been the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciencesof the USAL. She is now professor of Methods and Techniques of Social Research and Thesis Workshop and Methodology. She is coordinator of the Gender Area of ​​the Social Sciences Research Institute (IDICSO) and an author and compiler of works on scientific research and gender.

From October 9th 2023 to October 14th 2023, multiple events will be organized around the world to celebrate the Erasmus Days! More information about these events here: 

Good afternoon,

The recent news reminds us that the Covid-19 virus is still active.

As we start this new academic year, I must emphasize once again on the importance of being vigilant and ensuring the respect of protective measures for everyone.

The Welcome Meeting for International Students took place this morning in Amphi C.


Thank you for all the students who attended the meeting!


Breaking news

  • Summer School Registration is open!
  • Enjoy your holidays!
  • Happy autumn break!
  • “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristote

The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

The world is our Campus

Discover our International Partners all over the World.

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