French language

French language


French language

Do you want to feel more confident about having basic conversations, writing simple emails and understanding written and spoken language? 
Your French will improve in a friendly, interactive and interesting environment. Why wait? Start improving your French this summer!

35 hours of French language courses are included when you register at Sciences Po Lille's Summer School with levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Professors will help students to develop communication skills through regular virtual class discussions, one-on-one conversations, role plays and oral presentations with classmates.

The aim of this course is that students will gain fluency in French while increasing their knowledge of France.
The course focuses on:

  • expanding your vocabulary
  • increasing basic conversational skills
  • improving pronunciation
  • increasing knowledge of grammar
  • improving listening skills
  • developing writing skills 

There is no prerequisite of French language for this class. Students will join the group corresponding to their knowledge of French language (from begginner to advanced level) after having taken the French test prior to the beginning of courses.

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