Nicole Onnela

University of Tampere - 2016/17

I spent a whole academic year in Sciences Po Lille. First, I want to remind you that your exchange year will be what you make of it. Sciences Po Lille has so much to offer –you just need to seize the opportunities. They have a wide selection of courses both in English and French, but those spending the spring semester there will have a wider selection to choose from. It was a hard task to choose between so many interesting courses available. If you have a good level of French, I would definitely suggest choosing some master courses as well. It is a great way to get in touch with French people and the courses are quite specific with qualified professors. An interesting aspect to Sciences Po courses is that almost all of them included presentations, so you will get a great chance to improve your public speaking skills both in English and French.
Moreover, Sciences Po Lille has many student associations which you can be part of. As I stayed for the whole year, I chose to participate in the Model United Nations training within the MUNWALK association. All the training was held in English and it turned out to be the best experience of my whole year: I was selected to attend a MUN conference in Montreal among other students from Sciences Po Lille. This is definitely something to consider if you are interested in diplomacy.
I was also lucky enough to get to experience both the old and the new school building. The new one was opened in January and is amazing with a modern touch. If you go to Lille, you will love it. Finally, you will be warmly welcomed by one of the most dedicated international incoming student coordinators, Mr. Emmanuel Buteau, who always held his doors open and was always there to assist us.
P.S. Don’t forget to travel! Lille is situated at the very heart of Europe with an easy (and cheap!) access to many destinations.

David Hernández Olalde

Universidad Internacional - 2016/17

Getting inside the building of Sciences Po Lille sets up the tempo of the spirit that students, teachers and staff in ScPoLille try to convey.

With the multidisciplinary programs as an exchange student you'll find one or many options that fit what you're looking for, others options that without having considered them also fit!

The teachers and guest teachers are there for you. If you're curious enough to ask them about some more references, other learning materials or to just share a thought or a comment after class. My stay at ScPo Lille helped me to develop a sense of belonging but the dynamics of this intricate family depends on each student ability to nourish, to re-evaluate, to confirm or to dismiss misplaced objectives.
The staff is awesome, not a single day as an exchange student I felt alone. I want to thank specially Mr Buteau and Mme Martinez Reyes LeGoff who helped me throughout my year as a CEP student, help provided in English, French and Spanish but with a common denominator, kindness.

There is no such thing as language barrier in ScPo Lille you will successfully find your place here and make your stay unforgettable in an interesting city."

Situ Wenhui

Sun Yat-Sen University - 2015/16

Here are some key words to describe the past semester at Sciences Po Lille:
serious and responsible professors, friendly schoolmates, warm classrooms (we don’t have heating installation in the south of China),
difficult courses in French, and so on.
Anyway, this is a totally fresh and beautiful experience for me.
Great thanks to Sciences Po Lille!


Yea Kyung Lee

Chung-Ang Universtity - 2015/16

Time flies! My short semester in Sciences Po Lille is going to be over. Undoubtedly, Sciences Po Lille will be the best choice for those who speak French. But I also want to recommend it for those who don’t speak French. As the one, who doesn’t speak French fluently, 6 months in France was a series of challenges. But Lille and Sciences Po actually saved my semester. Lille is quite young city with many universities and students. And students of Sciences Po Lille, especially, are really nice. Whenever I was in need of help, everyone gladly helped me. Almost all of them speak English better than the French average, and ridiculously, this was the most important thing for me. I didn’t go through a kind of serious hardships thanks to their helps. 

Sciences Po Lille also has many English courses as well as French ones. I could easily choose the courses among many options. As an Asian, some courses were very strange with unfamiliar topics and European way of thinking. But at the end of semester, I might broaden my perspective and get the chances to see the new things. The most enjoyable fact was that I had many free times even though I took many classes during the semester because of the course system of SC Po Lille. So I travelled many other cities and countries when I didn’t have a class. It made my semester much more valuable. Also, there were many international students in SC Po Lille so that I could meet many new friends from various backgrounds and spend time with them. 

Of course, there are some things to be desiredFirst of all, the school doesn’t have a dormitory, so that the students had to look for the places to live by themselves. It was really hard to find a flat, since I would spend only a semester in Lille, quite short period for the house owners, and I don’t have French guarantor. Actually, it is so weird to ask me a French guarantor because I even didn’t have anyone to help me at that time. Anyway, I could find one with very high agency fee instead of French guarantor. The other thing is about BDI. Unlike other schools, the international students in SC Po Lille didn’t have many events. At the beginning of the semester, BDI held many events like parties and picnics. But after that first month, they didn’t hold any event even though the international students had many free times. But I still appreciate and understand them because I know they are very busy French students. And whatever, we, the international students, enjoyed the semester by our own ways. 

Lastly, I really want to thank Mr. Emmanuel Buteau. As an incoming international students’ coordinator, he did everything he could do for us sincerely and kindly.

Francesca Festa

Università di Bologna - 2014/15

Lille has become my second home and it was so beautiful to discover it.
Lillois people are friendly and there are many activities to do.
You feel immediately at ease. 
I'll miss Lille a lot...

Ilaria Montoni

Università degli Studi di Milano - 2014/15

It's small but full of people (mostly students) and things to do. You need only the will to know the city and their people, who are very open-minded. Sunday will be your favorite day to visit Lille and what it has to offer.
Lille is located in the perfect place, so you can travel easily and economically. It is also in the very heart of Europe.

The help and care you receive from the Sciences Po international office is amazing. Lille will offer you a really beautiful stay that will remember forever...